To Dine In or Dine Out? That is the Question.

Vacationers enjoying private chef service in Breckenridge, Co

What arrangements are best for your group?

Vacation time! Alright! Maybe you are celebrating a special occasion. Perhaps meeting up for an extended family gathering. Whatever the reason, you are looking forward to some freedom to really enjoy a little time away. This is going to be a chance to getaway from routine and indulge a little bit. Lots of fun and great food for sure.

Eating out every night sounds like a dream, right? It is nice being served at a table in a beautiful setting. But will the realities be as good as they sound on paper. Find out what types of restaurants are in the area. Is there lots of bar food and no healthy choices?  Are reservations accepted? How well can they handle groups your size?

What does it take to get from your lodging to where food outlets are? Is there some type of shuttle available so you don’t have to deal with driving in a strange area? Will you need to worry about finding parking? Think about the characteristics of your group. Seriously, is yours an easy crowd to get moving or is it more like herding cats?

Steak Diane and Poached Fish

A mixed plate entree of Steak Diane and Poached fish in Tomato and Cumin

Consider your options. Most people pretty much feel they will either order delivery (which can take a long time in resort areas), or shop and cook themselves. There is a newer trend that can offer more flexibility. We’re talking real dream time now!

Hiring a chef is an option that savvy travelers are discovering more and more. On-site chef service may sound expensive, but offers tremendous value. Dining in allows you to fully relax and enjoy the amenities of your vacation rental. Spending quality time together is so much easier when you are free from shopping, cooking or finding a suitable place to go out to.

Remember to consider the savings of pouring your own wine and drinks too. Traveling with kids? Skip the baby sitter and don’t even think twice about them being bored with going out. Having someone on-site to handle setting up the meal and cleaning up afterwards will have a huge impact on making your vacation feel like a real getaway. Add it all up and decide for yourself what the experience is truly worth to you.

When choosing a personal chef, go with the one who asks lots of questions about your needs and is willing to be flexible with the menu or can accommodate any special dietary considerations. Pay attention that details such as travel fees and taxes are included. Be sure to discuss gratuity ahead of time. If not included, plan on 15-20 percent based on the quality of service you receive. Ask for reviews from other clients.

Being on vacation is a time to unplug and be carefree for a while. A little extra planning before you go will make sure that your mix of dining experiences meet your expectations for a great trip that everyone in the group will remember for years to come.