The Best New Year’s Eve Ever!

This group enjoyed a terrific buffet of Lamb, Chicken Curry, and Poached Fish. Call (970) 333-1788 to arrange your next celebration in Breckenridge.

Recommendation for The Mobile Chef private chef service

“It would have been very easy to get a hotel room and go out to a dinner which would have been just like everything we do every day of the week. Instead, we got a nice house, found Tom on the internet and trusted he would be the right guy. Had him come in, we had a great dinner in more of intimate environment where we enjoyed each others company. It exceeded our expectations.”

Need a chef somewhere else?

If The Mobile Chef is not available in your area, try looking on CateringDB for someone who can help you. Catering Directory

Make the Most of Leftovers!

Leftovers can be a thing of beauty when transformed into an exciting new entree! Of course, the time savings alone is good motivation to cook a little extra to begin with and get more milage out of your food efforts. With a few basics that are easy to keep on hand & just a dash of imagination, yesterday’s roasted chicken …